Three Spins

Three Spins Roulette System

Three spins system is one of the most common and reliable in roulette, as the chances of winning using this strategy are very high. The system received its name because it is best to use it while fist  3 spins, they are considered as the most effective.

This system requires at least 17 counters, although if you want to get the maximum profit, the number of counters should be increased to 340. And here we have an explanation of how the counters should be placed on the playing field:

  • 9 counters are placed on sectors belonging to the “big chance group”, in sectors from  19 to 36 as these sectors fall out most often.
  • 2 counters are placed on the “corner” of one of the groups with numbers 13-14, 16-17 or 14-15, 17-18;
  • 6 counters  are set on sectors from 1 to 12.

Such positions will have a very good chance of winning. There are only three weak points in it: the numbers 15 and 18 or 13 and 16 (depending on which corner was chosen), including  the zero sector.

In case of a successful game, the winnings make up  18 counters, which is 1 more counters betted. Of course, this is not much, but for beginners who comprehend the basics of the successful roulette game, system of  three spins will be appropriate in view of the low chance of losing. Moreover, the profit can be increased by using more counters. The main thing is to follow the same proportion of the arrangement of the counters  : 9-2-6.