Casino winnings

The biggest casino winnings

21.6 million dollars – this is the biggest prize at the races. In April 1987, it was received by the British Anthony Spilman and Nicholas Kouvanon. The record has not been beaten until now.
2 728 356 dollars – this is the record winnings in poker. In 2004, he went to professional Swiss player Martin Decniffe at the World Championship in Las Vegas.
4.35 million dollars – the biggest jackpot in the history of slot machines. Won it American waitress Cynthia Jay.

9,181 million dollars – the jackpot of the Big Game lottery, paid in 2000. It is the largest lottery in the world history. The prize was shared by two players – in Illinois and Michigan.

10.315 million dollars – winning the most popular in the US lottery “Powerball”. Lucky – 55-year-old Jack Whittaker, the owner of a construction company.

10 place: About 500 thousand dollars. Lottery. The amount is not astronomical, but history is interesting here. The lucky guy for many years put on the same numbers: 15, 16, 18, 28, 36 and 49, hoping that someday they will win. And they won with a chance of 1 out of 12 million. The probability of such a combination of circumstances is already 1 by 150 trillion!

9th place: 1 million 600 thousand dollars. Horse Racing. Two friends put 64 dollars for 9 at random taken horses. The forecast was justified surprisingly accurately: 7 out of 9 marked horses came first in seven races. By the way, this is the biggest win at the races, and the record has not been beaten until now.
8 place: 2 million 700 thousand dollars. Poker. The record was set in 2004 at the Bellagio casino, known for the movie “11 Ocean’s Friends,” during a poker marathon. If you think that this is “easy money”, then you are mistaken. The poker marathon runs for a few days from 12 o’clock in the afternoon until dawn with short breaks. The losers are eliminated. In the end, “there must be only one left.” The winner spends more than a dozen games in terrible tension.

7 place: 35 million dollars. Slot machine. The win went to the waitress casino, who after work decided to relax in her own home. To earn such money, I would have to work as a waitress for 1165 years.
6th place: 22 million 600 thousand dollars. Slot machine. The owner of this pile of money was a 74-year-old resident of Los Angeles, who decided to unconventional celebrate her birthday by going to the casino.
5th place: 39 million 700 thousand dollars. Slot machine. The winner wanted to remain incognito. This is the biggest win on machines, the record holds to this day.
4th place: $ 128 million. Lottery. “Mega-Million” – the national lottery of the United States, one of the three largest in the country. In 2003, lucky immigrant from Cambodia, who, by the way, was quite pleased with his work as a gardener, who brought him $ 40,000 a year. When the journalists asked if he intended to quit his job, he replied: “I’ll ask permission from my boss.”

3rd place: 149 million dollars. Lottery. When an immigrant from Mexico had a debt in the bank of $ 44,000, and there was one dollar left in his pocket, he decided that he had nothing to lose and bought a lottery ticket. Ten days after winning the lucky wife filed for divorce and demanded the division of property.

2 nd place: 181 million dollars. Lottery. Jackpot lottery “Big Game”, paid in 2000 is the largest in the history of the world of lotteries – 363 million dollars. True, the winning tickets then turned out to be two, and the biggest prize was shared by two players.

1 place: 315 million dollars. Lottery. The Powerball Lottery is the most popular in the United States. In December 2002, the jackpot in this lottery amounted to an unprecedented amount – $ 280 million. Americans embraced a massive psychosis, all the police forces were thrown to the protection of public order in hours of waiting for tickets.