Fibonacci system

Roulette. “Fibonacci” game system.

A well-known fact is that there are many strategies for gambling. Some of them promise a 100% gain, but not every strategy justifies expectations.

The “Fibonacci sequence” is a sequence of numbers starting from 0. Each subsequent number is the result of adding the two previous ones. This sequence can be found  not only in mathematics, but also in the world around us – from branches on trees to our own bodies.

But now we will talk about the roulette.

Of course, players may not pay attention to  this mathematical sequence, and consider it as a strategy for the roulette. But they underestimate its capabilities.

The  essence of this system is to place the counters  in a certain sequence. The game starts with a rate on zero, then continues with two bets in a row, but already at  the 1.

The advantage of such a system lies primarily in a certain discipline of the game. That is, the player’s actions are no longer chaotic, which significantly reduces the chances of losing.

Another advantage is that there is no need to constantly raise the rate. It means that  with your starting capital you can play for quite a long time and wait for a win.

The game loop can only be considered completed when the initial number of the progression is reached.

This system will bring a lot of pleasure to people who are fond of  math, because the game with the use of such exquisite algorithm will be very spectacular.

Also, this system is suitable only for players who are set up for a long game, cause  for a successful game you need to clearly control the statistics and strictly follow the algorithm.