Unprecedented cases

Casino – the most unprecedented cases

Because of Chinese superstition, according to which 4 is considered the death figure, the Chinese refused to take in the casino a win of £ 4,444. Having won an unhappy sum at JackpotCity.com, from the point of view of Chinese numerology, Mr. X refused the prize. “This is the first time in the history of our casino, when a player refuses to win,” said Terri Maverick, an online casino representative. The JackpotCity.com administration suggested that Mr. X subtract from the £ 11 win and pay £ 4,433 to the player. In Chinese culture, the combination of fours and triples symbolizes an ideal balance of good and evil. According to the Chinese tradition, 4 is considered an unlucky number, since it is consonant with the pronunciation of the word “death”. Superstition of 4 is so widespread in China that in public institutions there are no 4 floors and floors with numbers ending in four.

In Atlantic City set a record for the game craps

May 23 in the casino “Borgata” in Atlantic City, USA, was set an absolute record for the length of the game one shooter. Patricia Demauro was able to win, throwing dice, for more than four hours! The previous record was set in Las Vegas about 20 years ago and was about three hours. Lucky girl played craps for the first time and did not understand well what was required of her. But throughout the time the crowds of inquisitive and shocked by such luck players watched this battle. As usual, some made bets against the shooter, losing and losing. So the pit bosses after three hours of play already bet that “now” everything will end, and Patricia kept on rolling out the right numbers. In total, Demauro threw knuckles 4 hours and 18 minutes and, according to the casino, made it 154 times! How much she and put on a happy shooter the players won, is not disclosed.

One billionaire entering into the top ten billionaires of America gives an interview to one Journalist-Once when he was a student, having saved a decent sum he went to a weekend in a casino in Las Vegas, having in his pocket 10t.doll. but knowing that he is passionately bought himself a ticket there and back. For one night he lost everything and came to the airport to fly home. In anticipation of the flight, he wanted to go to the toilet and did not even find 25 cents to put a door (a toilet) in the slot to open it … The unfamiliar fellow saw his suffering and called him 25 cents to make him unchanged … Thanking him, he went to toilet and, before having to throw a coin into the slot, the door opened and the young man coming out of there, held her, letting him in there …. Since there are always one-armed bandits everywhere in Las Vegas, even in front of the toilet, he lowers this coin in the slot machine and pulling the handle of the “thug” …. drops out a winning win 300 USD.

He thinks briefly back to the casino and wherever he puts it, from that moment he is lucky simply not real … wherever he puts him before … He wins 300 tons of dollars. After winning the weekend, he returns home buys shares and becomes a billionaire, the owner of factories, newspapers, steamboats … And now the billionaire says- “I’m looking for one person to thank !!!” … “I know who you are looking for …” – answers the journalist …, but saying, was mistaken … And how do you think, who is looking for the billionaire …?