Casino winnings

The biggest casino winnings

21.6 million dollars – this is the biggest prize at the races. In April 1987, it was received by the British Anthony Spilman and Nicholas Kouvanon. The record has not been beaten until now. 2 728 356 dollars – this is the record winnings in poker. In 2004, he went to professional Swiss player Martin Decniffe at the World Championship…

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Fibonacci system

Roulette. “Fibonacci” game system.

A well-known fact is that there are many strategies for gambling. Some of them promise a 100% gain, but not every strategy justifies expectations. The “Fibonacci sequence” is a sequence of numbers starting from 0. Each subsequent number is the result of adding the two previous ones. This sequence can be found  not only in mathematics, but also in the…

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Three Spins

Three Spins Roulette System

Three spins system is one of the most common and reliable in roulette, as the chances of winning using this strategy are very high. The system received its name because it is best to use it while fist  3 spins, they are considered as the most effective. This system requires at least 17 counters, although if you want to get…

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Overview on online casinos

The very first online casinos opened their door for clients more than ten years ago, and now there are hundreds of various online casinos on the Internet. Whenever you are in the mood for gambling, you can do it without leaving your home. However, all these websites are different, that’s why it is important to carefully examine these platforms before…

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